Make your home more Eco Friendly with our Skips

Make your home more Eco Friendly with our Skips

Christmas is only a month away, and it is time you refurbished your rooms, cleared your garden shed and got rid your house of unnecessary clutter. For you to do this professionally, you will need the assistance of a skip bin company to maintain an eco friendly home. Understand that using A1 skips or any of the local skip hire companies such as Adlington Skip Hire is the simplest, fastest and the most cost-efficient strategy to handle your domestic waste.

The Environment

In an era where climate concerns are growing by the day, it is necessary to look for skip hire services that care about the environment to reduce its adverse impact. Whether you plan to get rid of household or land waste, we will do our utmost best to divert the waste from landfill, ensuring it is reused or recycled.

We understand that sorting all the unwanted items in your waste can be a tedious process and not all may be disposed of in the most efficient way. When you hire our skip, we will sort through the waste and dispose of it in the most eco friendly way possible. An essential aspect of sustainable living is the responsibility you take for your waste.

If you are to make a dent in the reduction of landfill and emissions, you will have to dispose of your waste in the right way. Before hiring a skip, talk about licensing with your service provider. Find out which items should not be mixed with other waste in the skip. A good skip hire company should recommend the appropriate size for your needs.


We operate a professional recycling centre where we recycle waste in an environmentally-friendly way. It is cheaper to make use of items you have already used before in a recycled form. In fact, it is a more sustainable alternative to purchasing new and expensive items. The most common recyclable types are paper, plastic, metal and wood.

We offer practical solutions no matter the volume or type of waste produced. When you divert your waste to recycling, your costs are reduced because landfill tax is avoided. We look at your waste as a resource and not a problem since we have extensive experience in offering waste management services.

As you get into the festive season, unlock your potential of waste as re-usable materials. At A1 skips and Bolton Skip Hire, we offer multiple environmentally-friendly services that allow us to recycle at least 90 percent of the waste we collect. Regardless of the services you need from us, we shall tailor them to suit your needs.

If you are looking for credible skip hire to deal with your home waste this Christmas, then get in touch with our skip professionals today. Our trained team will deliver the skip bins at your location promptly and then we shall pick the waste any day you want us to. We shall ensure that your waste solution is delivered when you need, ensuring you are not stuck with waste for days. Our team will guarantee that you get the most professional services, allowing you to dispose of your waste materials easily. We are accredited skip providers who are also responsible environmentalists.