Advantages and Disadvantages of Skips Compared to Tips

Advantages and Disadvantages of Skips compared to tips

When it comes to disposing of waste in the most efficient way, what has the most social, economic and environmental advantages, hiring a skip or using a tipping facility?


If you’re looking for convenience, A1 Skips and Adlington Skip Hire are exactly what you need! Whether it’s domestic skip hire or commercial skip hire, we guarantee you’ll receive the best service possible. If you’re sick and tired of making repeat trips to the tip, skip hire is a far greater alternative. If you hire a skip you can continue with your project, disruption-free; you don’t need to dedicate any of your time for transporting waste to the tip; A1 Skip Hire has professionals who deliver and collect your skip, at a time that suits you best!

To contrast, nobody wants to hire a skip purely for the sake of it… so, if you have only a few bin bags of waste, a trip to your local tipping facilities will be more preferable to you. Why not fill the boot of your car, and take your waste in one go? If you’re not going to generate an awful lot of waste, it makes perfect sense to use the tip rather than a skip!

Understandably, at the tip you can recycle your waste because there are suitable facilities- however with that said, it is extremely time-consuming! If you hire a skip from A1 Skip Hire, we can provide you with a skip that is appropriate for different types of waste, take soil and rubble for instance. Our 8-yard Drop Door Maxi Skip is perfect for this type of waste and can save you the hassle of making multiple trips!

 Vehicle Type

But if you take the car, you can be there and back in no time – so hiring a skip will be a waste of money. Not exactly. We cannot emphasise enough the convenience provided when you hire a skip, your car remains in one piece and you don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for fuel! If you decide tipping your own domestic material is most suitable, it’s highly likely your car will be covered in dust and your seats may become scratched or ripped (especially if you’re transporting sharp objects.) Can you afford to waste time cleaning the interior of your car after each trip you make to the tip?

Petrol Costs

At A1 Skip Hire and other local skip hire companies such as Lostock Skip Hire, we arrange a time that suits you to deliver your skip and once your skip is full, we will collect your skip and take your waste to be recycled. If you’re considering tipping, make sure you consider the distance you have to travel to the facility, if you’re making several trips, there and back, your mileage will start to accumulate and your fuel costs will increase in line with this! With skip hire, it’s simple, all you have to do is load the skip, and we’ll take care of the rest!

More times than not, skips are located on driveways. If you want your skip to be located on the roadside, this is not a problem for us at A1 Skips. We’ll take the required measures to obtain a permit from your local authority, allowing you to store your skip on the side of the road, adhering to any stringent legislations!


In conclusion, commercial skip hire is ideal if you work on a construction site, likewise domestic skip hire for home renovations and projects but for the odd car-boot full of waste; a visit to the tip is the best option!

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