Waste Disposal Around the World

Waste Disposal Around the World

In the UK, skip hire is seen to be the most cost-effective solution. Although we are aware of the benefits a skip can bring to your domestic and commercial projects, methods of waste disposal vary around the world.


Where we can take advantage of skip hire Appley Bridge or Bolton skip hire, other countries are still choosing to dispose of waste by tipping. Take France for instance. As there are stringent rules and regulations for the products that can be disposed of using a skip, the French consider it to be more convenient to take waste to the local tipping facilities, as the cost of hiring a skip, to accommodate for the distinct types of waste, can work out costly. Tipping is considered to be an effective option in France, it’s easier to take waste (as and when you generate it) to the tipping facilities.

Here at A1 Skip Hire, we provide tipping facilities too. In the UK, we offer these services to customers who have insufficient space and access for a skip. Likewise, if you don’t generate enough waste to justify hiring a skip, we recommend you bring your disposable waste to your local tipping facility.

“Trailer Skips”.

Australia shares our passion for skip hire. A1 Skip Hire provide skips for hire in Chorley, Leigh and Lostock Hall, meeting your specific needs and requirements.

Waste disposal in Australia is similar to waste disposal in the UK. Domestic and commercial skip hire is widely accessible, providing customers with an affordable solution for waste disposal. Trailer skips are available in Australia, these are simply skips on wheels. Not only does this make it somewhat easier to deliver skips to properties and premises, the collection of skips is made much more straightforward. Waste can easily be transported to recycling centres and then effectively disposed of.


The United States of America adopt a similar approach to waste disposal, as we do here at A1 Skip Hire. A “dumpster” is also referred to as a skip, it is available in a range of shapes, sizes and designs- offering suitability towards your needs and wants.

Skips are used in America as a practical solution, accommodating for the waste each individual project generates. The dumpsters are available in a wide range of sizes, starting with small domestic skips and ranging up to 30-yard commercial skips. This is comparable to the range we have available at A1 Skip Hire, only our skips start from 2-cubic yards and go up to 40-cubic yards!

Skip Hire.

South Africa are true believers of reputable skip hire, as are we at A1 Skip Hire! Domestic skip hire is ideal for any home renovation projects or spring clear outs, a skip can allow you to dispose of the waste you generate in a safe and efficient manner.

Commercial skip hire is ideal for removing rubble from construction sites. The skips for hire Chorley and other areas within the North West of England are perfect for removing soil and rubble from premises- especially the skips with drop doors! South Africa use skip hire for the convenience it provides, it makes light work of disposing of waste and can work out cost-effective.

We provide a solution that’s globally recognised and a popular alternative for waste disposal! So, if you’re in the UK and you’re looking for responsible waste disposal, get a quote today!