What Can And Cannot Be Put In A Skip?

What Can and Can't Go In A Skip

Whether it’s a home renovation or rebuild, skip hire is a convenient way to get rid of any excess waste. There are several ways you can benefit from skip hire in Atherton or skip hire in Bolton, simply choose A1 Skip Hire to find out how!

Depending on the materials your project generates, skip hire could be exactly what you need, however, if you’re going to dispose of your waste responsibly there are many considerations that need to be taken, including the types of waste. Here at A1 Skip Hire, we recommend that you keep the following materials out of your skip:


Tyres produce toxic smoke when they are burned, this can lead to chemical pneumonia which has various social and environmental consequences.

Disposing of tyres needn’t be difficult, especially if you adhere to legal regulations! If a tyre is found within your skip, you can expect to be handed a fine for not disposing of hazardous waste correctly. If you need to get rid of your used tyres, you could always try your local zoo or sports clubs or perhaps even the tyre fitting and car serving facilities?


Whether you require Chorley skip hire or skip hire Preston, the team at A1 Skips advise you to keep paints out of the skip! Disposing of paints can be relatively expensive, hence why it can often be so easy to simply throw it in a domestic skip, however, if this is what you plan to do, you need to make sure that the paint has dried out completely.

Rather than disposing of your unused paint can, we suggest you offer it to friends and family who could use it up, allowing you to avoid paying the price for not adhering to our policies.


OK, so if it’s time to upgrade your fridge, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can throw your old appliance into your skip. Regardless of whether it’s skip hire Atherton or Chorley skip hire, we can help you to prevent the spread of harmful substances.

Responsible disposal is required to ensure that your waste is handled in the best way possible, not only to protect the environment but to prevent any social implications.

An alternative to throwing your fridge in the skip is to sell it to someone or to have it collected by the local authority.


Yet another hazardous substance we ask you not to throw in your skip. Commercial skip hire Preston is ideal for various projects, included domestic and commercial. If you need to get rid of any oils that are unsealed, you should not pour them down the drain or the sink because this will only cause your sewage pipes to become blocked.

It’s easy to recycle hazardous materials like oils, why not take them to our tipping facilities? Doing so will enable you to avoid prosecution!


These have been banned from all skips! You should not, under any circumstances, throw asbestos products into your skip. These are easy to inhale and can cause serious health concerns.

As well as damaging the lungs, asbestos products can lead to Mesothelioma which is a fatal condition. We ask you to be mindful of the waste your disposing of within your skip and you need to take precautions to ensure that the removal of such materials is safe.

So, if you’re looking for skip hire Bolton or Atherton, you needn’t look any further than A1 Skips- we provide both domestic and commercial skips to suit your individual requirements, allowing you to keep your property clean and safe from hazardous materials.

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