Hiring a Skip For Your Home Renovation

Hiring a skip for your home renovation

When updating your property, make sure that you have somewhere to dispose of any unwanted materials! Leaving your waste on your driveway is not ideal; skip hire Chorley or skip hire Wigan could be just what you need!

Here at A1 Skip Hire, we provide something suitable for everyone, so regardless of whether you’re undertaking a single room renovation, multi-room renovations, a home clearance or refurbishment, be sure to check out our skip hire in Chorley.

Our skip hire Wigan services are tailored to suit your exact needs and wants; we offer a quick, responsible and affordable method for disposing of the waste your home renovation project generates.

Waste disposal.

As with anything, you need to dispose of your waste in a sustainable fashion. A skip is an ideal solution for disposing of your waste effectively, but don’t be tempted to throw hazardous materials in your skip!

Any chemicals, oils, petrol, fridges, freezers and paints are classified as “hazardous”. These sorts of materials require careful disposal and should not be found inside any A1 Skip!

Skip hire Bolton can also be suitable for getting rid of any landscaping waste or garden material. If you’re not entirely sure what size skip you need; you’ll need to take into consideration the scope of your project.

From our extensive collection of domestic skips, you needn’t worry about finding an appropriate size skip to accommodate the waste your project produces- our skips are perfect for storing rubble, bricks, wood, soil and garden waste.

Waste type.

No matter how big or small your project is, you can count on A1 Skips to provide you with a reasonable solution for disposing of waste efficiently. Renovating your property is a relatively big deal; hence why we make the process easier by providing skip hire in Bolton!

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your old floorboards and skirting boards, what about one of our domestic skips?

The skips we have available are designed to store household waste reliably, so whether you’ve knocked through walls or ripped out your kitchen sink, we make sure that you have somewhere safe to throw your waste.

Danger elimination.

Storing your junk safely needn’t be difficult. A1 Skips can help you to throw out junk in a way that’s safe and sustainable. Skip hire Leyland will allow you to maintain a neat and tidy work area, ensuring that no waste clutters up your driveway.

To save you loading up your car with heaps of junk and driving it to the nearest tipping facilities, we can provide you with a skip. Our reliable fleets can take care of the transportation of your skips, reducing your fuel costs but most importantly preventing harmful consequences.

Project suitability.

The length of time that you hire your skip for is dependent on your individual project and the type of waste you need to dispose of. At A1 Skip Hire, we tailor our services to ensure that you get more out of your skip hire in Leyland and that you find a suitable solution for eliminating waste from your site.

Why not discuss your needs in detail with one of our professionals? Simply call us on 01257 273 284!


All the skips we supply at A1 Skip Hire are priced competitively, providing you with a versatile solution for disposing of the waste your project generates. Included in the cost of skip hire Preston, you’ll find skip delivery and collection. We arrange this for a time that suits you best, ensuring that the service you receive is convenient.

The best thing to do when hiring a skip for your home renovation project is to hire a skip that has plenty of room for the materials you plan to dispose of. Ordering a skip that’s too small will leave you needing to reorder one. As well as this, a larger skip will prevent you from overloading your skip. Our fleet drivers can refuse to collect skips that exceed the maximum fill level because it’s not safe for them to be lifted onto the back of our fleets and it could compromise the safety of the driver and others within a locality.

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