Top 6 tips for skip hire that no one will tell you!

Top 6 tips for skip hire that no one will tell you!

Wheelie bins overflowing with garbage? This is a clear indication that your waste disposal plan isn’t working! Leaving your waste to pile up at the side of the road or in your garden will provide all sorts of problems for you further down the line, one of the main ones being the build-up of harmful germs and bacteria.

Next time you need to clear your property, skip hire in Leyland might come in handy! Here at A1 Skips, we specialise in waste disposal, making sure that all customers find an appropriate solution for removing waste from their premises. We don’t only specialise in skip hire Leyland, our services cover the North West of England, including Preston, Chorley, Bolton and Wigan.

When hiring a skip, there are certain factors that you may not be informed about, but that’s where we can help!

  • Compress waste

Skip hire Bolton is a convenient alternative for driving your waste back and forth to the local tip, reducing tedium. Throwing away waste materials inside a skip allows you to get rid of unwanted junk quickly.

Try to use as much of the space available inside your skip. Don’t leave pockets of air inside your skip- this will make your skip look full when you can actually squeeze more in.

  • Plan ahead

Deciding which company to choose for your skip hire Bolton needn’t be difficult. One way to gain an insight into whether the skip hire company is right for you is to explore the services that they have to offer and identify whether they can accommodate your exact needs and wants.

At A1 Skips, we aim to suit the budget requirements of all customers, providing you with domestic skip hire that covers the duration of your domestic project. We also provide you with all that you need to know, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.

Another reason why we recommend you book your skip hire in advance is to avoid disappointment.

  • Keep food waste out

We’ve all made the mistake of buying too much food, right? But what do you do with the excess food that won’t be eaten?

Although the idea to throw leftovers inside a nearby skip may cross your mind- DON’T! Skip hire Chorley is not provided to accommodate food waste; you’d be better taking it to the local homeless shelter or donating it to a food bank.

The smell of food in a skip alone is enough to make you gag, so much so that you’ll find yourself wishing that you didn’t dispose of it inside your skip!

  • Find an appropriate size skip

Skips for skip hire in Wigan are available in a wide range of sizes, suiting various domestic clearance projects. Here at A1 Skip Hire, our skips start from as small as 2-cubic yards and range all the way up to 40-cubic yards, providing you with a complete selection to choose from.

Choosing a skip that is too small will leave you with more mess to contend with, whereas a skip that’s too big will incur greater costs. If you need any assistance choosing a skip for your skip hire Wigan, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.

  • Skip Hire Permits

Depending on where you plan to leave your skip, a permit may be required. If your skip is left on your private property, you won’t need to obtain a permit.

Leaving your skip on the road is not a problem for us at A1 Skips, all you need to do is inform the local authority that you require a permit. These permits are a legal requirement of any customers that are planning to store their waste, inside a skip, on the road. In obtaining the permit, your Chorley skip hire won’t breach safety regulations and you will avoid being issued with an expensive fine.

  • Keep your skip mobile

Although we recommend compressing the waste inside your skip- this isn’t to say that you should fill your skip with dense materials that make it impossible to lift onto the back of our fleets. With A1 Skips, you can expect skip delivery and collection to be included in the cost of your skip hire Preston.

Fitted with the latest technology, our fleets are designed to lift skips with ease, however, skips that exceed the maximum fill level will make it unsafe for us to transport your waste to be disposed of at the recycling centre.

Skips that contain heavy items are more likely to scratch the pavements as they are lifted onto the fleets- leaving you to pay the fine.

Our advice to you would be to think carefully when you’re loading your skip to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Call us on 01257 273 284 to find out more today!