6 Ways to Avoid Extra Skip Hire Charges

6 Ways to avoid extra skip hire charges

Skip hire is considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods for removing waste from your premises, regardless of whether it’s your home or your business. Keeping your skip hire Leyland costs to a minimum is easy when you know what to expect from a reputable skip hire company like us at A1 Skip Hire!

There are countless ways that you can minimise the cost of your skip hire Leyland, be sure to consider the following recommendations to receive the best value for your money:

Choose the right skip.

Needless to say, smaller skips are lower in cost and although this can be appealing to your wallet, you need to be mindful of the types of materials your project will throw up. Mini skip hire Leyland doesn’t suit the requirements of all projects, hence why you need to think about the nature of your project and estimate how much storage space you need for the waste materials.

Should you need it, A1 Skip Hire are always on hand to provide you with guidance when it comes to choosing skip hire Preston. Our team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to help you to choose an appropriate skip, taking into consideration the exact requirements of your domestic or commercial project.

Whether it be a mini skip, a midi skip or a maxi skip, A1 Skips can identify which one will suit the work that you plan to undertake. If these still aren’t big enough for the estimated volume of waste, you’ll be pleased to know that we specialise in roll on-roll off skips too, providing you with ample space to dispose of waste!

Keep out restricted items.

Although it can be incredibly tempting to load your skip with everything/anything- DON’T!

Unfortunately, not all items can be disposed of inside the skips that we provide for skip hire Preston, therefore you need to find suitable provisions to accommodate these materials. Taking no notice of skip hire regulations will result in fines for your skip hire Preston, providing you with more hassle than it’s worth.

To avoid being handed a fine, you may want to keep prohibited items away from your skip as these can compromise the quality of the rest of the waste held inside. The best thing to do is identify any restrictions before you start filling your skip, this way you can rest assured that your domestic skip hire is legal!

Avoid overloading the skip.

Never exceed the maximum fill level that is indicated around the outside of your skip. This line is used as an indication as to how much waste you can throw in the skips supplied for skip hire Wigan. If you breach the skip hire regulations, you can expect to be charged for the excess material because it makes it impossible for our fleet drivers to lift your fleet safely onto the back of the loading vehicles.

Once skips are full, they need to be transported to the recycling centre carefully, ensuring that no waste falls out of it and causes injury. If your skip is full to the brim with waste, you’ll either need to pay for the excess to be collected or you’ll need to invest in a new skip to store the materials.

Recycle and Donate as much as you can!

Home renovation projects can generate all sorts of waste, including recyclables and reusables.  Why not give recyclables and reusables a new lease of life? Rather than throwing everything out, separate items that will come in handy in the future.

Another way to free up some space inside your skip is to donate unwanted belongings to your local charity shops. Charity shops are always looking for generous donations, this will not only ensure that your possessions go to a new home but will allow you to keep your skip hire Wigan costs to a minimum, as well as eliminating the risk of overloading your skip.

Any recyclable waste could also be driven to the nearest recycling centre- be sure to utilise the space that you have inside your skip effectively.

Ask about VAT and Premiums.

Before you decide whether you can benefit from skip hire Wigan, you need to know what’s included in the markup cost. Feel free to contact us to discuss your skip hire requirements in detail; we will be more than willing to provide you with a break down of the cost, showing you exactly what you get for the money that you pay- you’ll even get a free quote for your skip hire!

Ideally, the cost of your skip hire Chorley should include VAT, but it’s always better to double check and be on the safe side!

Some skip hire companies provide skip hire Chorley on an unlimited timescale. Although this is seemingly the most convenient method to dispose of waste, without any time constraints, you can often end up paying more for having the privilege of no tight deadlines.

Planning your skip hire Chorley in plenty of time will allow you to choose exactly when your skip is delivered and when it needs to be collected, allowing you to complete your project in plenty of time. As well as this, you’ll have a wider selection of skips to choose from than you would if you leave it to the last minute!

Obtain a permit.

Any skips that we provide for skip hire Bolton are delivered to a destination of your choice (usually your driveway or garden). At A1 Skips, we can place domestic skips on the road but only if you have obtained a permit from the local authority.

If you choose not to obtain a permit for your skip hire Bolton, you are in fact disposing of waste illegally and can expect to be on the receiving end of an expensive fine.

The cost of the permit is added to the cost of your skip hire Bolton, so you needn’t worry about finding affordable skip hire!

Specialising in skip hire across the North West of England, A1 Skip Hire provide no last minute add-ons and can help you to avoid any extra charges. Find out more by calling us on 01257 273 284 today!