What can a poor waste management plan mean for your business?

What can a poor waste management plan mean for your business

Depending on the industry that you work in, there are various channels that waste can be generated from, not forgetting the different types of waste!

As a business owner, you are responsible for the disposal of materials, even if you personally didn’t produce the waste. Any materials that are generated need to be kept out harm’s way to prevent the risk of hazards and to allow you to maintain a working environment that’s safe and professional.

Here at A1 Skip Hire, we specialise in waste disposal, ensuring that businesses of all sizes discover a suitable waste management plan; here’s how a waste management plan can come in handy for your business:


Needless to say that rubbish piled up on your premises is not a good look for visitors to your site. Waste that’s stacked up can provide an eyesore for anyone- not just those who visit your site for the first time- and affects the reputation of your business.

The visual aspect of a poor waste management plan is thought to have the biggest impact on your business and could tarnish your reputation. Perhaps you could benefit from our commercial skip hire Chorley services to ensure that waste is stored neatly and out of the way?

Health Risks

A waste management plan that isn’t tailored to the requirements of your business can have all sorts of consequences, one of the main ones being the attraction of undesirable insects and creatures.

Human Health.

Waste that’s left to rot develops a smell over time which automatically has a social impact on local residents and business owners. The attraction of flies and other insects can ultimately spread the risk of infection and contamination, hence why you need a suitable waste disposal management plan!

Animal Health.

When waste gets out of hand, there are various health implications that can affect wildlife. Statistics have shown that the RSPCA respond to 14 call outs each day where animals are caught up in litter. Litter is just one result of a poorly managed disposal plan that can lead to suffocation and injury amongst wildlife (not just humans).

Fire Hazards

Think about how much waste your project generates? Are there any materials that are hazardous? Skip hire Chorley is ideal if you’re looking to eliminate waste, but there are certain restrictions to what can and cannot be stored within a skip.

Ranging from wood, wrappers, tyres, newspapers, chemicals and packaging, there are several materials that can increase the risk of skip fires, hence why you need to find suitable provision for disposing of items that cannot go in our skips!


As you may already be aware, there are long-term impacts associated with biodegradable items like plastic carrier bags. Before you consider whether skip hire Bolton is right for your business, sort your waste into “recyclables” and “non-recyclables”.

Not storing waste inside a skip and fly-tipping materials can increase the risk of blocked drainage systems and stagnant water, not forgetting the contribution to climate change from increased greenhouse gas emissions!

In one sense, skip hire Bolton is offered as a sustainable method for removing unwanted materials, where A1 Skips transport the loaded skips to the recycling centre and ensure that 90% of the items are recycled.

How can you minimize these risks?

A poor waste plan won’t do your business any favours, in fact, it’s likely to leave you paying the price for not disposing of waste correctly. There are several ways to prevent the risks (indicated above), and the team at A1 Skip Hire are always on hand to offer their expertise should you need it!

The easiest way to prevent the impact waste has on your business is to cut back on waste generation. Try to recycle as many materials as you possibly can, this includes keeping hold of items that could come in useful further down the line (but don’t confuse this with hoarding!)

Commercial Skip Hire.

The team at A1 Skip Hire are the experts when it comes to commercial skip hire Wigan, we aim to accommodate the needs and wants of all industries. Regardless of how much or how little you’re looking to dispose of, we are confident that you’ll find a suitable sized skip that allows you to store your waste safely and securely.

Skip hire Leyland is yet another way that you could minimise the severity of risks, ensuring that your waste is handled in a way that’s environmentally friendly. The services that we offer for skip hire Leyland are convenient and tailored specifically towards your business needs and wants.

Whether it be skip hire Preston or skip hire Wigan, we aim to help all businesses to dispose of waste efficiently; removing it quickly but without compromising safety or responsibility. Poorly managed waste can provide new customers or visitors with the wrong first impression of your business, hence why you could benefit from skip hire Preston!

Hiring a skip from A1 Skip Hire will essentially make it easier for you to keep your premises clean and safe at all times. To find out more about our skip hire services, get in touch with us on 01257 273 284 or Request A Free Quote today!