How to choose the best skip for your project

How to choose the best skip for your project

Hiring a skip is a fantastic way to get rid of waste but did you know that selecting the right size will help to minimise costs and have less impact on the environment?

Whether it be a commercial project or DIY job, skip hire Preston comes in handy for a range of ventures – allowing you to remove materials quickly and easily. To ensure safety on site, and compliance with stringent skip hire regulations, you need to make sure you hire the correct skip. But rest assured, A1 Skips can help.

Think about waste materials

If you know what materials your project will generate, and how much, it will be easier for you to order the right skip. Our skips are suitable for:

  • garden waste
  • hardcore materials
  • inert materials
  • metal
  • plastic
  • wood

Knowing what items need disposing of will help you to handle them appropriately and receive a more accurate price for skip hire Preston.

Think about the type of skip

Here at A1 Skips, we provide domestic and commercial skips in a range of sizes and configurations – accommodating all projects.

Our domestic skips are the smallest available and best-suited to DIY renovations or clear outs. If you’re looking for somewhere to store business waste or packaging, you could benefit from one of our larger domestic skips or a commercial skip.

When deciding on a skip, you need to consider whether the skip is open or enclosed. We supply both – it’s simply a matter of choosing the right one for your needs. You’ll also need to factor into your decision that the smaller, low-sided skips are ideal for heavy materials – saving you the trouble of lifting hefty objects into the skip.

Think about location

Where will you leave the skip? If you’re to get the most of your skip hire Preston, you need to be fully prepared and have an idea of where you want the skip to go. Make sure there’s ample space for it and don’t forget that there needs to be at least a 20m turning circle for loading vehicles to manoeuvre safely.

Think about project scale

If you expect your project to stretch out across a few days, our domestic skips are ideal. However, if you’re project is likely to produce immense amounts of waste over longer periods, it may be worth hiring a larger skip, like an enclosed compactor bin.

The enclosed compactor bin is the biggest industrial skip we supply and reduces the need for regular collections, allowing you to continue disposing of waste without disruptions and to keep your skip hire Preston costs as low as possible.

If you need any help choosing a skip for your upcoming project in Preston, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the A1 experts today. Call us on 01257 273 284 or email and we will guide and advise you in making the right choice.