Step by step guide for office clearances in Wigan

Clearing out your office isn’t the easiest thing to do, but here at A1 Skips, we can help to make the process smoother and hassle-free.

Office clearances are renowned for producing huge volumes of waste, and the easiest way to store this rubbish is to hire a skip. Our skips are incredibly spacious and save you tedious trips to the tip. Here’s a guide to help you clear your office in Wigan:

  1. Define the timeline

Before you start clearing your office, think about how long it will take you to get the job done. Creating a plan is a great way to outline what you’ll do and the amount of time you’ll spend working on your project – making sure tight deadlines are met.

  1. Decide what you’ll get rid of

Documenting what you’ll keep and what you’ll dispose of will make your office clearance in Wigan easier and more efficient. Make sure private and confidential documents in your office are kept safe – you don’t want these to end up in the wrong hands when you start your office clear out.

Knowing exactly what you’re getting rid of will make skip hire Wigan more convenient, allowing you to dispose of materials quickly and safely.

  1. Sell as much as you can

If you’re planning on updating the furniture in your office, you need to remove the existing first. If sofas, tables or chairs are in excellent condition – don’t let them go to waste. Try donating them to friends, family or charities and free up storage space inside your skip.

  1. Hire a suitable skip

When it comes to skip hire Bolton and Wigan, choose between domestic and commercial skips. Our domestic skips are perfect for projects expected to generate a small to moderate amount of waste, whilst our commercial skips are tailored more towards the requirements of businesses and large-scale projects.

Hiring a skip from us at A1 Skips will allow you to remove rubbish as you clear your property, so you needn’t worry about leaving it to pile up on-site.

  1. Ensure compliance

Hiring a skip allows you to get rid of materials from your office clearance fast but you need to be mindful of stringent regulations for skip hire Wigan. If you’re unsure whether you can throw something in your skip, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01257 273 284. We will happily guide and advise you to make sure you get the most out of skip hire Wigan and comply with skip hire regulations.

What next?

If you’re looking to hire a skip for your office clearance project in Wigan, be sure to request a quote from A1 Skips by emailing We arrange skip hire around what works best for you and deliver skips to a location of your choice.

Unsure which skip size you need? Rest assured, our team can help you – taking into consideration the amount of waste your project will generate. If you already know which one you need, book a skip today.