Can I Place a Skip on the Road?

Can I Place a Skip on the Road?

If you’re undertaking a clearout, renovation or refurbishment of your home or business, you may not necessarily have space to place your skip on your own land. So, what can you do if you come up against a problem of this kind? Is it possible to place a skip on the road?

The team members at A1 Skips are specialist providers of Lancashire and Greater Manchester skip hire, Bolton-based but delivering across the region. In this article, they explain the options available when you are unable to place your skip on private land.

Public Thoroughfares

In most areas, you may place your skip on a public thoroughfare – as long as you apply and pay for a permit from the relevant local authority and as long as your skip does not cause a serious or dangerous obstruction.

A permit will only cover you for a set length of time. If you need to keep your skip in position for longer than the period stipulated, you will need to re-apply for a permit.

Different councils may have slightly different regulations in place, so the exact details may vary depending on whether you require skip hire Wigan or skip hire Preston.

How to Get a Permit

Fortunately, you won’t have to navigate the process of applying for a permit alone. The team at A1 Skip Hire Bolton will approach the local council on your behalf and complete all paperwork. All you have to do is to pay the required fee.

To ensure that all information is processed and the permit released on time, we ask that you give at least two days’ notice before your skip is required. This will allow us to make all necessary arrangements and for the local council to put everything in place.

We are highly experienced in working with councils across the north west when it comes to roadside skip permits – so, whether you require skip hire Leyland, Horwich or anywhere else in the region, don’t hesitate to come to us.

Safety Measures

When a skip is placed on the road, certain precautions must be taken to prevent collisions. This may include the placement of traffic cones with lights attached, ensuring that the container remains visible throughout the day and night.

The precise details of these requirements may vary, depending on whether you have arranged skip hire Chorley, Bolton or elsewhere across Lancashire or Greater Manchester.

After obtaining a permit from your local council, our team will make sure that your skip is properly marked and protected in accordance with regulations. It is vital that no cones or lights are moved throughout the period during which your skip is to be placed on the road.

How to Get Started

Wherever you require skip hire Horwich, Wigan or anywhere in the surrounding regions – the A1 Skip Hire team can help you. Simply fill in our online contact form to book a skip or call 01257273284 for further information.